The personal finance classic Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki emphasizes the importance of building wealth through investing and owning assets rather than solely relying on a paycheck. While the book covers many theoretical concepts, there are also plenty of practical applications of Kiyosaki’s teachings that can help you improve your financial situation.

Following are some of the actionable tips you can take from Rich Dad Poor Dad to start growing your money today.

The Importance of Financial Literacy

A core message in Rich Dad Poor Dad is that traditional education does little to provide financial literacy. Kiyosaki stresses that you need to take personal responsibility for educating yourself about money.

Following are some ways to increase your financial knowledge:

– Reading books and blogs about personal finance
– Listening to money-focused podcasts
– Taking financial education courses either online or in-person
– Having discussions about money with mentors and successful people

Gaining financial literacy gives you the foundation to make wise money decisions and build wealth.

Generating Passive Income

One of Kiyosaki’s main philosophies is to buy assets that put money in your pocket rather than liabilities that take money out. Assets like real estate, businesses, royalties, and investments generate passive income that isn’t tied to your time.

Some practical tips for increasing passive income include:

– Start investing – even small amounts consistently invested in stocks or mutual funds over time can grow significantly through compound interest
– Consider investing in real estate – you can generate rental income from tenants
– Earn royalties from creative work, inventions, or selling digital products online
– Start a side business that runs without you being actively involved

The more streams of passive income you have, the more financial freedom you gain.

Avoiding Debt

Kiyosaki emphasizes avoiding bad debt like credit cards and consumer loans that suck money from your pocket. He advocates using debt strategically for appreciating assets like real estate.

Following are some tips for minimizing bad debt:

– Pay off credit cards monthly to avoid interest
– Boost your income with a side job to pay off debt faster
– Consolidate debt into a lower interest loan
– Save up to buy big purchases in cash instead of borrowing
– Rent instead of taking out a mortgage in some circumstances

By decreasing debt obligations, you retain more of your income.

Thinking Like a Business Owner

Kiyosaki encourages thinking like a business owner in all aspects of life.

Some ways you can adopt an entrepreneurial mindset include but are not limited to:

– View your career as a business, focusing on delivering value rather than just clocking time
– Negotiate promotions and raises at work by demonstrating the value you provide
– Learn skills, network, and showcase your abilities to increase your earning potential
– Manage your personal finances with business principles like tracking revenue and expenses, analyzing profitability, and calculating return on investment

Applying business strategies allows you to advance professionally and personally.

The Power of Investing

According to Kiyosaki, the key to financial freedom is using your money to buy income-generating assets. The earlier you start investing, the more time your money has to grow.

Some tips for investing include the following:

– Start early – even if you can only invest a little each month, over decades it can add up significantly
– Invest in your retirement accounts – always contribute enough to get any employer match
– Use a robo-advisor if you don’t have the time or experience to choose investments
– Diversify your portfolio with stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. to balance risk and returns
– Invest in yourself by spending on courses, coaches, or books that increase your earning ability

Investing allows your money to work for you over the long-term.


While Rich Dad Poor Dad contains many conceptual lessons, there are also concrete takeaways you can implement. By focusing on increasing your financial literacy, generating passive income, avoiding bad debt, thinking like a business owner, and investing wisely, you can improve your financial situation and work towards financial freedom. Start small if needed, but start taking action today.