The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles has become a classic in the personal development genre since its publication in 1910. The book provides a step-by-step guide to attaining wealth and prosperity through focusing your mind and actions in specific ways. This post relays some of the key concepts from Wattles’ book and how they can be practically applied in your life.

The Power of Thought

One of the core principles in The Science of Getting Rich is that our thoughts have the power to direct our life experiences. Wattles emphasizes the importance of controlling your thoughts and keeping them focused on abundance rather than lack. Some ways to apply this include:

– Start and end each day visualizing yourself as already being rich and having obtained your goals. Imagine the feeling of joy and satisfaction this brings you.

– When negative thoughts arise, deliberately shift your focus to something positive. Think about what you want rather than what you lack.

– Repeat affirmations to yourself daily that align with your desires. For example, “I am attracting wealth and abundance into my life now.”

Take Inspired Action

Thoughts alone are not enough – you must couple them with action to manifest results. Once you set a clear intention, you must then take steps and follow your inspiration to move towards your goal.

– If you want greater financial abundance, take actions like looking for a higher paying job or side income opportunities. Set savings goals and work diligently to meet them.

– Talk to successful people in your desired field and ask for advice. Most will be happy to provide guidance and mentorship. Learning from those who have already achieved what you want accelerates success.

– When inspiration strikes act on it immediately. Keep a journal to capture your ideas and review them often. Then schedule time to bring inspired ideas to life.

Give More to Receive More

Wattles believed a key to wealth was adding value to others by giving more of yourself through excellent work and service. Some ways to apply this:

– Look for opportunities to give more value at your job by improving processes, providing exceptional customer service, or coming up with innovations. This will make you invaluable.

– Become known for doing your very best work, rather than mediocre work, even if no one is watching. This level of excellence will set you apart.

– Find ways to help others in your field and be generous by sharing your knowledge and expertise. Look for opportunities to provide value for free to get started.

Gratitude & Faith

Having faith in yourself and being grateful for what you already have also accelerates achieving your desires per Wattles. Some tips:

– Start a daily gratitude practice listing at least three things you are grateful for. This focuses your mind on abundance.

– Have faith that by following your inspired ideas the resources and people you need will appear. Then act on your ideas without insisting on knowing exactly how it will work out.

– Remind yourself that your current skills, knowledge and talents are enough to achieve your goals. Have faith in your abilities.


The concepts shared by Wattles over a century ago in The Science of Getting Rich continue to provide a helpful framework for anyone looking to attain prosperity and abundance. Put these practical applications to work in your life and observe the positive results over time.

Focus your thoughts and give more value than you receive. Have unwavering faith in yourself and take inspired action daily. With this mindset and these practices, you will unlock greater abundance. For more key lessons from this impactful book, be sure to read The Science of Getting Rich in its entirety. You can also read the SnapRecap of the book, to get more insights into the concepts championed by Wattles.